New LOMCSA Members

NameMember TypeJoin Date
American BankAssociate7/3/202315690
Tony Chachere's Crispy CajunAssociate7/3/202315694
Victor Fuels Inc.Regular Member3/15/202315603
TARGIT Business IntelligenceAssociate2/23/202315595

Want to be a part of this wonderful group of members?

Please fill out one of the applications below and return it to the LOMCSA Office.
Our fax number and mailing address are listed on the form itself.
We appreciate your interest in LOMCSA.


Regular Members: Wholesale distributors of motor fuels and other petroleum products; gasoline/convenience store retailers operating five or more locations
Associate Retailer Members: Convenience stores/gasoline retailers, service stations, truck stops, quick lube businesses with 1 location, up to 4 locations
Associate Members: Companies (other than refiner suppliers) that provide products and services to petroleum marketers and/or convenience stores
Associate Member Application
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Sustainer Members: Refiner suppliers
Sustainer Member Application
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