Who We Are?

The Louisiana Oil Marketers and Convenience Store Association consists of 250+ members who own, operate, or supply over 3,000 convenience stores, service stations, car washes and other retail motor fuel outlets and car washes in Louisiana. These businesses supply nearly 3 billion gallons of fuel annually to Louisiana motorists while also serving the vast majority of commercial end users, including farmers, construction firms, and local and state government.

LOMCSA associate members support these industries through their products and/or services. The Association serves members by providing political representation, industry publications, educational sessions, a scholarship program, several annual events including the Expo and Convention, and membership incentives.

What is a Petroleum Marketer?

Any person or company that takes possession of refined petroleum products for the purpose of reselling those products is a petroleum marketer. This broad definition of a petroleum marketer encompasses a wide range of commercial businesses from wholesale to retail operations. A petroleum marketer often owns gasoline stations, convenience stores, heating oil businesses, truck stops, lubricant warehouses, petroleum trucking companies and bulk storage facilities. LOMCSA members are independent companies operating in some or all of these businesses.

History of LOMCSA?

What is now Louisiana Oil Marketers and Convenience Store Association began as a group of motivated jobbers at the Jung Hotel in Shreveport. Together, they decided that their businesses needed an administrative organization to provide solid support and structure for the oil marketing industry. They were most concerned with implementing a group life and health insurance program, settling rumors about suppliers' margin and commission increases, and studying proposed state toll roads. Two years later membership totaled 160 businesses.

Today, LOMCSA represents over 250 members including jobbers, gas station and convenience store owners, suppliers, car washes and affiliated businesses. Over the years, our concerns have become drive-off thefts, UST tanks and fair competition, and our headquarters are now in Baton Rouge -- a long way from the Jung. Of course, members still enjoy each other's company and use LOMCSA as a chance to catch up with old friends at conventions or gala or make new contacts at the trade shows.